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  • 1. What’s included?

  • 2. What happens if my scooter or motorbike acts up or gets damaged?

    The tour participants are always followed by a support vehicle carrying spare scooters. In case of any issues, all you need to do is call and let us know. Our tech team will arrive ASAP and fix your scooter/bike or replace it with a spare. What’s really cool, you don’t even need to describe where you are at the moment – thanks to GPS tracking system installed in every scooter, our team will know your exact whereabouts.

  • 3. Must all tour participants trip in a group?

    No, this is entirely optional. We believe that the most important thing about motor-touring Italy is your complete freedom. Therefore, we only suggest what we think is an interesting itinerary, provide you with a scooter or bike, and recommend a restaurant. The only thing you must do is arrive at the evening’s destination. Whether you want to skip lunch or join the group over dinner, what Italian cities and towns to see along the way, where to stop or detour—the decision is yours.

  • 4. What type of driving license (permit) do I need to go on one of your scooters?

    To ride Vespa GTS Super 300 scooter, you’ll need a category “A” driving license (same as for motorbikes). But, if you don't have a category "A" license, we'll suggest you a Vespa GTS Super/Primavera 125, which you can ride with your regular car driving license (type "B" or "A1").

  • 5. Are any special skills required to go on a scooter?

    Our Vespa GTS Super scooters are equipped with automatic transmission, so they are very easy to ride. You don’t need to change gear; just turn the throttle to accelerate or use the brake levers on the handlebars to slow down.

  • 6. Other companies offer less powerful scooters that do not require a driving license to ride. Do you have these, too?

    First of all: yes, we have. :)
    Our routes for motor journeys around Italy encompass a vast variety of roads and terrain. You’ll be passing over adrenaline-filled serpentines, brave steep hills, go over straight stretches of road in the plains and then ride through the street maze of small Italian towns. To fully enjoy your time throughout such journey, you’ll need a really powerful and endurable vehicle. Such as our Vespa GTS Super with a 300 cc/22 hp engine. With this scooter, you can make the steepest ascent effortlessly even when riding double.

    BUT! If you don't have a motorbike driving license, we'll suggest you a Vespa GTS Super 125, which you can ride with you regular car driving license.

  • 7. Do you offer themed trips, like wine or food tours?

    Our routes are focused on two things, motorcycles and unforgettable Italian roads. Sure, our itineraries include vineyards, but only those where you can taste a really remarkable bottle and the tasting process has not been made into a mass-scale tourist attraction. Lunch and dinner are served in fantastic restaurants where all the food is prepared expressly for you. You can even peek into the kitchen to spy on the chef's secrets (remember, all these chefs are our personal friends). But we chose not to include lengthy tastings and culinary master classes in our program, since they would steal from the main attraction, riding a scooter or bike across the most scenic places in Italy.

  • 8. What equipment/gear/clothes will I need for the journeys?

    A scooter (even a powerful one, like Vespa GTS Super 300) is a much safer vehicle than a traditional motorcycle. To ride a scooter in good weather you'll only need a crash helmet (we recommend a full face model), light motorcycle gloves and boots. In colder weather, a biker jacket and warm trousers would be due. Protective biker trousers are not really necessary, since your legs will have enough protection from the scooter body.
    Our itineraries cover different Italian regions, including mountainous areas and sea coast, so weather and temperature may change even through the day. Therefore, we recommend to pack a rain kit and some warm clothes in case it gets chilly.

    If you do not have any of the above, please let us know in advance. We'll be happy to rent you the stuff you need.

  • 9. What season is better for a motorbike trip around Italy?

    Travelling in Italy on a motorbike is possible all year round. We have specifically designed several itineraries for different seasons. Strange though it may seem, we'd recommend to opt for low season: in spring (you can even start in February), early summer, and autumn (up until December). July and August in central Italy (and that's where our best routes lie) may be quite hot—this is the time for those of you who can't imagine their vacation without plunging into the sea and getting a deep sun tan.

  • 10. What kind of roads do your routes follow?

    The short answer is: the most beautiful. Our itineraries never include highways, where a biker can only expect the constantly unnerving company of trucks and dull views over the safety barriers. We tried to trace our routes in a way that will make your heart miss a bit with every turn while the road unveils another piece of fantastic scenery. Moreover, we made a point of carefully analyzing road conditions, choosing the drives most pleasant to a true biker's heart: thrilling serpentines, towering hills with superb views, mountain passes and coastal stretches.

  • 11. There are plenty of other companies arranging motorbike tours in Italy. How is MotoRagazzi better?

    Reason one: our company is based on a major agency that has been organizing test drives for car and motorbike journalists for over eight years. As you can imagine, there is hardly anything we don't know about arranging a motorcycle journey.
    Reason two: thanks to a number of technical solutions that we developed and implemented, our company can offer the customers traveling across Italy on a scooter not only the utmost security and comfort, but also the most incredible experience. The kind you possibly won’t get anywhere else.
    Reason three: we know and love Italy. We have studied every nook and cranny in this unique country to be able to offer you the most interesting routes and the most amazing sights. With us, you’ll see the side of Italy only available to those who love it with all their hearts.
    Reason four: we are official partners of Piaggio, makers of the legendary Vespa scooters. So MotoRagazzi offers their clients only brand new, completely trouble-free vehicles.
    Reason five: our clients get state-of-the-art tech extras, to wit:
    - Each scooter is fitted with a Garmin navigator, guiding you along your way. You’ll know precisely where you are; not even a chance to get lost.
    - In the glove compartment of your scooter you’ll find a mobile phone, which you can use to contact our representatives at any time or make a local call, if need be.
    - Each of you (or each two, if you’re riding double) gets an iPhone with 4G Internet access. You’ll be able to browse your favorite social media, check out maps or post your photos to a dedicated Facebook group we have created for our clients. The more pics you share, the better!
    Reason six: our customers get a unique guide book describing all the interesting places and sites you’ll visit. This guide book is conveniently presented in digital format straight on that iPhone we just mentioned. Moreover, we’ve also installed a dictionary app so that you could translate an Italian word or phrase into your language, if you feel the need or simply get curious.
    And, finally, reason seven: all our employees are real motorbike and traveling geeks. From the moment you see us, you’ll know you’re in the company of fellow minds, and become not only a customer, but our special friend.

  • 12. I heard long motorbike journeys are quite tiring. Is it true?

    Professional motor cyclists usually cover from 300 to 1000 kilometers daily. But even five hundred km can be a trying feat for an untrained person, never mind enjoying yourself in the process. Our routes are cut out for pleasure, not for putting your endurance to test. An average daily distance on an Italian tour with Motoragazzi is only 100 to 160 kilometers. This will give you enough time to enjoy the road and visit all interesting sites.

  • 13. What languages do you speak?

    All our employees are fluent in English and Italian. If required, we partner with interpreters speaking Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Norwegian, Dutch, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Our electronic guide books are multilingual as well.