How do we do it?

We organize the best motorbike journeys around Italy. No kidding.


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A real motorbike journey means complete freedom. And we allow our guests as much freedom as they want.
  •  We do not require that your travel in group. Riding in team or on your own is always your choice.
  •  We do not make you speed up or brake. Choose your comfortable speed, gun the engine, slow down, or stop wherever you like.
  •  We never force you to stick to the route; you are welcome to make all the detours you like.
  •  We do not force you to visit boring landmarks—choose what you’d like to see based on our recommendations or on your own.
  •  And, finally, we do not overwhelm you with tedious guided tours. All the information you need is provided in our electronic guide book

To get the most out of your Italian motor journey, you want it completely hassle-free. And that’s where MotoRagazzi can help: we offer you an extensive range of services and take care of your tiniest needs:
Your scooter or motorbike will need only one thing—you, riding it and having the fun of your life. Every day it will be waiting for you, in perfect order, fuelled, checked and washed all over. We are working through the night so that you could enjoy the entire day.
We recommend you restaurants for lunch and dinner - all for fair and reasonable price.

If you lack any conceivable gear for motor journeys, just let us know. We'll be happy to provide you with the stuff you need.

We're always there for you: every scooter is outfitted with an iPhone with 4G internet and wi-fi. Use your iPhone to consult our electronic guide book and share your impressions over social media. And the phone can come useful to contact our manager at any time: ask your questions, get help with chatting with the locals, report any issues.
Italy's roads are long and winding, but don't let it bother you—you just can't get lost. Each scooter has a state-of-the-art navigator with the latest map updates. And if you're still worried, we have checked all of our motor routes over and over again, so there is just no room for error.
Thanks to GPS, our coordinators can see exactly where each scooter is at any time. If you do get lost, we'll always call you and explain the shortest way to wherever you were heading.
If you've punctured your tire or your scooter lets you down for any reason, we'll supply you with a substitute vehicle ASAP. We always have a couple of spare scooters or motorbikes ready, as well as a truck to haul them over to you.

We draw the routes for our motor journeys through the places that you may easily miss if you are following popular Italy guides. Believe us, the real, authentic Italy lies far away from the cities with their noisy crowds, posh shops and busy motorways. We are going to show you the treasures of this country, usually hidden from the eye of a common tourist: magnificent landscapes, quiet streets of ancient towns, trattorias frequented exclusively by local clientele, unique wineries, traditional workshops with artisans handing the secrets of their craft down for many generations, secluded abbeys, and much, much more—all the things that Italy reveals only to the traveler light of heart, never in a hurry, and not weighed down by clumsy luggage.