Our Vespas

Our fleet consists of Vespa GTS 300 Super with 22 bhp («A» category driving license) and Vespa Primavera 125 with 11 bhp («A1» or «B» category driving license)

Driving license category «A»

Vespa GTS 300 Super

22 bhp

Driving license category «B» or «A1»

Vespa Primavera 125

11 bhp

Self-guided tours. More freedom for less money!

Our tours

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Peschiera del Garda or Riva del Garda

Peschiera del Garda

Selfie ride

This route is for those who want to pack as much experiences as one possibly can in just half a day’s ride. You will cover a distance of about 50 km on the roads winding through hills and valleys where the Custoza, Garganega, and Bardolino wine grapes are grown. Crossing the border between the Vento and Lombardia regions, you’ll ride along the river Mincio and visit several ancient towns, including the famous Borghetto, the village of watermills. And in the end of your journey, you’ll be rewarded with a glass of wine in a small family winery run by our friends.

  • 50 km
  • 3-4 hours
From €85.00

Hills of Garda

If you are not an experienced rider and the twists and turns of the roads around Lake Garda make you uncomfortable, consider this route. The area to the south of Garda is called Little Tuscany, a nickname that speaks for itself. Colline Moreniche is a little paradise where the scenic hills covered with vineyards and olive groves are dotted with tiny villages boasting centuries of history. This is a place that has it all: magnificent landscapes, ancient fortresses and castles, local dishes that in many cases you won’t find anywhere else in Italy, and delicious local wines, such as Custoza and Lugana.

  • 80 km
  • 5-6 hours
From €110.00

Day over Garda

Many people come to Garda to make a tour around the lake. And leave frustrated, since the only road going along its shore seems a continuous traffic jam, and the view over the lake is invariably blocked by some obstacle. To avoid dark moods, take our Day over Garda trip.

  • 150 km
  • 7-8 hours
From €110.00

Taste of Valpolicella

The Valpolicella valley is famous throughout the world thanks to its eponymous wine. But we would like you to discover all of the delights that this generous and exceptionally beautiful land showers on its dwellers and visitors alike.

  • 95 km
  • 6-7 hours
From €190.00

Riva del Garda

Moto Baldo

A route for experienced riders who don’t mind staying hours in the saddle and can tackle the trickiest mountain switchbacks. Your reward: magnificent views over Lake Garda and beyond; secret paths on both sides of Monte Baldo; a lunch cooked by real mountain-dwellers, montanari; ascent to an altitude of over 1.5 kilometers. A full throttle trip!

  • 120 km
  • 6-7 hours
From €120.00

Top of Garda

Want to take in the most impressive views of Lake Garda in just 3-4 hours? Now you can! With this 50 km route starting in Riva del Garda you will explore perhaps the most picturesque part of the lake shore, and discover Garda from really stunning perspectives.

  • 50 km
  • 3-4 hours
From €95.00

Four Lakes

This is the route for biker enthusiasts who love the speed, the constantly changing landscapes, the rush of wind in their faces. Taking this trip will allow you to enjoy the best views not only of Lake Garda proper, but also the prettiest among its companion lakes, Idro, Ledro, and Valvestino.

  • 130 km
  • 7-8 hours
From €120.00

Day over Riva

Our Day over Riva route is your chance to discover everything that escapes the eye of a common tourist driving a car or taking a bus. This 90 km Vespa scooter ride will enable you to see and learn all these secrets, explore the places never featuring in guide books, and taste the stuff you will never find in a regular store.

  • 65 km
  • 4-5 hours
From €95.00

Another rent-a-scooter? No, much more!

  • All our Vespas are in mint condition and fitted with everything you will need.

    They get a daily maintenance check. Believe us, you won’t find a better park of scooters in the entire region.

  • We offer you routes that you’d never be able to devise on your own.

    We spent months researching each and every of them.

  • Exclusive discounts for Motoragazzi customers.

    In every shop and restaurant. Just show your Vespa keychain with Motoragazzi logo.

  • You can ride as a group with our trip leader, or on your own.

    Each scooter comes with a navigator pre-loaded with your route and an iPhone with an electronic tour guide.

  • Your price includes fuel, navigation, rain suit, and technical support/maintenance.

    Any issues or breakdowns are our problem, not yours. We are always there, always in touch.

Full service and absolute freedom

A real motorbike journey means complete freedom. And we allow our guests as much freedom as they want:

  • We do not require that your travel in group.

    Riding in team or on your own is always your choice.

  • We never force you to stick to the route.

    You are welcome to make all the detours you like.

  • We do not force you to visit boring landmarks –

    choose what you’d like to see based on our recommendations or on your own.

  • We do not make you speed up or brake.

    Choose your comfortable speed, gun the engine, slow down, or stop wherever you like.

  • And, finally, we do not overwhelm you with tedious guided tours.

    All the information you need is provided in our electronic guide

How does it work


Book a tour


Come by car or with our shuttle


Park free on our secure parking


Take a short training


Enjoy your ride

Excellet service. Even more.


Why is Motoragazzi better than other rental companies?

Judge for yourself:

  • Your price is all-inclusive: fuel, navigator, rain suit, iPhone with internet access, technical support/maintenance, and assistance from trip leader in case of an emergency. None of your rentals offer all these services in a single package.
  • All our scooters are recent Vespa models in mint condition. We do a maintenance check and wash them every night. Each scooter is fitted with modern Garmin navigation, iPhone with internet access, a top box and alarm system. Let us tell you that ours are the best scooters around, in the entire region.
  • What we offer is not a rental, but a complete adventure that may easily become one of the best days of your Italian holiday. Or so we are told by many of our customers. Be that as it may, we tried to think of everything:
    - Routes that you’d never discover on your own. We spent months looking for the roads that would appeal to experienced bikers while being safe for beginners.
    - Visits to locations often inaccessible to regular tourists, such as private wineries, distilleries, cheese maker shops, and agriturismo. The best tables at the best restaurants are invariably reserved for Motoragazzi clients. And we are speaking of places with excellent but inexpensive food, the ones where you’ll have a hard time getting a place if you are not a local.

  • We negotiated discounts for our clients in shops, boutiques, and restaurants. To get yours, simply present your Vespa keys with Motoragazzi keychain.
  • We guarantee that we’ll help you to avoid the places frequented by mass bus tours. Only authentic locations carefully curated by our staff for those who want to enjoy a truly fresh experience.

Do we get a guide?

It’s up to you. If you want our trip leader to be close by, he’ll be there. If you prefer to travel on your own, the trip leader will not ride along, but always accessible should you require assistance. The price of your tour stays the same, whether the trip leader joins you, or no.

Are we required to ride as a group, or we can go on our own?

You tell us. Each scooter has a Garmin navigator preloaded with your route details. It will reliably guide you through the trip and all of its stops. Additionally, you’ll get an iPhone with an electronic guide that contains all the required information: what landmarks to look for, what treat to buy, what’s best to order in a restaurant, etc. Thus, if you prefer not to ride as a group, you’ll have everything you need for an individual journey.

Is it difficult to ride a Vespa scooter?

In fact, much easier, than riding a bicycle: you don’t need to pedal :)
All our scooters have automatic transmission, so you don’t have to worry about shifting gears. All you need to do is accelerate to go faster and break to slow down. During our twenty minute pre-tour training session we’ll explain how the scooter works and how to ride it. It is absolutely safe as long as you follow our recommendations. In all our years as a company we never had a single road accident.

What kind of driving license do I need?

To ride a 125cc scooter a standard category B (Thank God it’s Italy!) or an A1 category license. For a more powerful 300cc scooter you’ll need a motorcycle (category A) license.

What happens if my scooter breaks down while on the road?

Our trip leader will get to you at once to either fix the problem on the spot or, failing that, offer you a replacement scooter.

How do I pay?

Any of the following methods:

  • Credit/Debit card or cash at our office
  • Credit/Debit card or PayPal when booking through our site
  • Bank transfer

Is any insurance provided?

Your tour price includes third party liability (TPL) insurance. Unfortunately, it is not possible to arrange CASCO insurance for rented scooters or bikes in Italy. Therefore, in case your scooter is damaged during your trip, you’ll have to pay for repairs. That being said, we’d like to note that, unlike many rentals, we don’t charge our customers for minor scratches and such. We are in another business.

What languages do you speak?

Our staff speak English, German, Italian, and Russian.

Do I need any special gear?

We ride out in any weather. There will be a rain suit for you in each of our scooters. If you don’t have a helmet, we will provide our own. In the summer you’ll be quite comfortable riding in a T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers. If It’s cooler, we encourage you to bring along a jacket and a pair of gloves. Keep in mind that even at 18˚С riding a scooter will feel chilly.

Can I skip tastings, dinners, shopping, etc.?

But of course! You can follow the suggested route/program or make any detour you might fancy. The only thing we ask of you is to return to our office by sunset.

How are the roads?

To make a long story short, the roads we take are not the ones you are likely to find on your own. We spent months looking for the most interesting and at the same time safe routes, covering scenic, unusual, and trouble-free roads, where there is no heavy traffic or hordes of tourists. Rest assured that we personally checked every turn to ensure that even the less experienced scooter riders won’t risk an accident.



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