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A real motorbike journey means complete freedom

Full terms and conditions can be found in our rental agreement. We strongly recommend that you review them in advance. The agreement can be downloaded here

Judge for yourself:

  • We have the largest scooter fleet in the region. All our scooters are latest models maintained in mint condition. Fans of Italian style will enjoy our new 125cc / 300cc Vespas. Customers preferring modern design and comfort are welcome to try our Over Brera scooters for a powerful and dynamic ride – and at a very attractive price, as well.
  • All Motoragazzi scooters are fully outfitted for your journey. Your scooter comes with a phone holder and a charging cable that fits any phone type. Your luggage or any purchases you make on the road can be conveniently placed in the spacious top box.
  • Motoragazzi is the only motorbike/scooter rental in Italy partnering with DGtalguide™, so as our client you are entitled to a unique electronic guide offered by that company. This is your chance to turn a scooter ride into an unforgettable tour full of amazing discoveries and special experiences.
  • With any of the tours offered on the Motoragazzi website you get a full service package along with a chance for significant savings. What’s included:
    • DGtalguide™ electronic guide/navigator
    • Table reservations for a lunch at a restaurant with a special discount on the entire menu.
    • Discounts for services and products from our partners (ferry and cable car operators, shops, wineries, cheese makers, museums, etc.)
    • Road assistance. Whatever happens during your tour, we are always there to help. Contact our dedicated call center and our technical assistance team will either repair or replace your scooter.

You’ll get more than a guide: our unique electronic guide DGtalguide™ will take care of you. It will not only lead you along the route with a simple and easy navigation, but it’ll also allow you to get a discount on our partner’s services.

Yet, if you’d like to be accompanied by a “live” tour guide, we will provide for this. Our trip leaders speak English and are professional moto-bikers, who know the environs very well.

*This service is recommended for groups of 5-6 persons or more.

No! You are totally free: you can ride on a speed that fits you better, stop at any place that you fancy, and get only the information that is interesting for you. That’s what our electronic guide DGtalguide™ is about. It just shows you the way, opens an access to our partner’s services and interesting places, besides giving you an insight about sites worth visiting.

We have only one suggestion: please follow the timing provided while you are on the move. This will help you to enjoy the best of your trip.

Actually, not harder than riding a bicycle. And you don't need to work the pedals. :)

All our scooters have automatic transmission, so you don’t have to worry about shifting gears. All you need to do is twist the throttle grip to go faster or use the break lever to slow down.

Please be aware, though, that if you don't have sufficient motorbike/scooter riding experience, we strongly discourage you from renting a two-wheeled motor vehicle. It can be very dangerous, and even a minor road accident can spoil your vacation with a visit to hospital or paying up for repairs.

Motoragazzi is a rental company, not a riding school. Unfortunately, our stuff will not be able to give you scooter riding lessons if you have zero experience.

IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to deny rental to customers lacking sufficient motorbike/scooter riding skills.

To ride a 125cc scooter a standard category B (Thank God it’s Italy!) or an A1 category license. For a more powerful 300cc scooter you’ll need a motorcycle (category A) license.

Call or text us immediately and we’ll send you our technician right away. He will either repair your scooter or give you a new one.

The best way is to book and to pay on-line, directly on Motoragazzi site. You can pay by cash or by credit card in one of your offices as well.

Please note that we cannot guarantee scooter availability if you haven’t booked your vehicle in advance. Bookings are made exclusively via our website; you cannot book your rental over phone or via e-mail.

On the starting day of your rental period your credit card will be preauthorized for a  €500-700 deposit, depending on service and vehicle type.

Unfortunately, we'll be unable to serve customers without a valid credit card.

The price includes obligatory liability to third parties insurance.

You can also purchase KASKO coverage with €600 deductible amount and €6000 coverage. The price is €25/day.

In fine weather, you won't need any special gear or clothes, save for the helmet. If it rains, there is a rain suit in any of our scooters. For cooler days, we provide gloves. Free of charge, of course.

Standard rental price always includes a single helmet. Should you require a helmet for your passenger, you'll need to pay an extra fee.