Our Vespas

Our fleet consists of Vespa GTS 300 Super with 22 bhp («A» category driving license) and Vespa Primavera 125 with 11 bhp («A1» or «B» category driving license)

Self-guided tours. More freedom for less money!

Our tours

Riva del Garda

Taste of Garda

80 km, 5-6 hours, From €110

Day over Garda

120 km, 6-7 hours, From €110

Best of Ledro

60 km, 5-6 hours, From €110

Moto Baldo

120 km, 6-7 hours, From €110

Top of Garda

50 km, 3-4 hours, From €95.00

Four Lakes

130 km, 7-8 hours, From €110.00

Peschiera del Garda

Mountain Escape

150 km, 6-8 hours, From €110

Moto Baldo

130 km, 6-7 hours, From €110

Selfie ride

50 km, 3-4 hours, From €85.00

Hills of Garda

80 km, 5-6 hours, From €110.00

Day over Garda

150 km, 7-8 hours, From €110.00

Taste of Valpolicella

95 km, 6-7 hours, From €110

Toscolano Maderno

Selfie ride

60 km, 3-4 hours, From €95

Taste of Garda

80 km, 5-6 hours, From €110

Day over Garda

120 km, 6-7 hours, From €110

Four lakes

130 km, 7-8 hours, From €110


Taste of Bardolino

60 km, 4-5 hours, From €110

Taste of Valpolicella

150 km, 7-8 hours, From €110

Moto Baldo

120 km, 6-7 hours, From €110

Day over Garda

120 km, 6-7 hours, From €110

Another rent-a-scooter? No, much more!

  • All our Vespas are in mint condition and fitted with everything you will need.

    They get a daily maintenance check. Believe us, you won’t find a better park of scooters in the entire region.

  • We offer you routes that you’d never be able to devise on your own.

    We spent months researching each and every of them.

  • Exclusive discounts for Motoragazzi customers.

    In every shop and restaurant. Just show your Vespa keychain with Motoragazzi logo.

  • You can ride as a group with our trip leader, or on your own.

    Each scooter comes with a navigator pre-loaded with your route and an iPhone with an electronic tour guide.

  • Your price includes fuel, navigation, rain suit, and technical support/maintenance.

    Any issues or breakdowns are our problem, not yours. We are always there, always in touch.

Full service and absolute freedom

A real motorbike journey means complete freedom. And we allow our guests as much freedom as they want:

  • We do not require that your travel in group.

    Riding in team or on your own is always your choice.

  • We never force you to stick to the route.

    You are welcome to make all the detours you like.

  • We do not force you to visit boring landmarks –

    choose what you’d like to see based on our recommendations or on your own.

  • We do not make you speed up or brake.

    Choose your comfortable speed, gun the engine, slow down, or stop wherever you like.

  • And, finally, we do not overwhelm you with tedious guided tours.

    All the information you need is provided in our electronic guide


Why is Motoragazzi better than other rental companies?

Judge for yourself:

Motoragazzi is the only rental company that offers unique self-guided DGtalguide™ tours to each client. Simply follow the recommended route, learn interesting information and get discounts, along with the best tables at the restaurants and the access to places that usually are unreachable for common tourists. You will not waste a single minute of your precious holiday time.

All our scooters are recent Vespa models in mint condition. We do a maintenance check and wash them every night. Each scooter is fitted with phone holder, USB-charger for any type of smartphone and with top box. Let us tell you that ours are the best scooters around, in the entire region

if you chose one of the tours, all the necessary is included in the price already: fuel, helmet, a rain clothes set, electronic guide DGtalguide™, technical support in case of a breakage or emergency.

What we offer is not just a rental, but a complete adventure that may easily become one of the best days of your Italian holiday. Or so we are told by many of our customers. Be that as it may, we tried to think of everything:

  • Routes that you’d never discover on your own. We spent months looking for the roads that would appeal to experienced bikers while being safe for beginners.
  • Visits to locations often inaccessible to regular tourists, such as private wineries, distilleries, cheese maker shops, and agriturismo.
  • The best tables at the best restaurants are invariably reserved for Motoragazzi clients. And we are speaking of places with excellent but inexpensive food, the ones where you’ll have a hard time getting a place if you are not a local.
  • We negotiated discounts for our clients in shops, boutiques, and restaurants. To get yours, simply present your DGtalguide™ voucher.
  • We guarantee that we’ll help you to avoid the places frequented by mass bus tours. Only authentic locations carefully curated by our staff for those who want to enjoy a truly fresh experience.

Do we get a guide?

You’ll get more than a guide: our unique electronic guide DGtalguide™ will take care of you. It will not only lead you along the route with a simple and easy navigation, but it’ll also allow you to get a discount on our partner’s services.

Yet, if you’d like to be accompanied by a “live” tour guide, we will provide for this. Our trip leaders speak English and are professional moto-bikers, who know the environs very well.

If we choose a tour, and not a simple rental, shall we move all together as a group?

No! You are totally free: you can ride on a speed that fits you better, stop at any place that you fancy, and get only the information that is interesting for you. That’s what our electronic guide DGtalguide™ is about. It just shows you the way, opens an access to our partner’s services and interesting places, besides giving you an insight about sites worth visiting. We have only one suggestion: please follow the timing provided while you are on the move. This will help you to enjoy the best of your trip.

Is it difficult to ride a Vespa scooter?

In fact, much easier, than riding a bicycle: you don’t need to pedal :)
All our scooters have automatic transmission, so you don’t have to worry about shifting gears. All you need to do is accelerate to go faster and break to slow down. During our 5-10 minute pre-tour training session we’ll explain how the scooter works and how to ride it. It is absolutely safe as long as you follow our recommendations.

What kind of driving license do I need?

To ride a 125cc scooter a standard category B (Thank God it’s Italy!) or an A1 category license. For a more powerful 300cc scooter you’ll need a motorcycle (category A) license.

What happens if my scooter breaks down while on the road?

Calla us immediately and we’ll send you our technician right away. He will either repair your scooter or give you a new one.

How can I pay for the rent or for the tour?

The best way is to book and to pay on-line, directly on Motoragazzi site. You can pay by cash or by credit card in one of your offices as well.

What kind of insurance is included in this price?

The price includes liability to third parties. If you need an additional CASCO insurance, you can purchase it separately. It costs € 20/day for rental and € 15/day for tours. The deductible is € 500 for tours and € 700 for rental.

Do I need any special gear?

We ride out in any weather. There will be a rain suit for you in each of our scooters. If you don’t have a helmet, we will provide our own. In the summer you’ll be quite comfortable riding in a T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers. If it’s cooler, we encourage you to bring along a jacket and a pair of gloves. Keep in mind that even at 18˚С riding a scooter will feel chilly.

How are the roads?

To make a long story short, the roads we take are not the ones you are likely to find on your own. We spent months looking for the most interesting and at the same time safe routes, covering scenic, unusual, and trouble-free roads, where there is no heavy traffic or hordes of tourists. Rest assured that we personally checked every turn to ensure that even the less experienced scooter riders won’t risk an accident.



We speak English!
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