Day over Riva

Few of Riva del Garda visitors know of the treasures hidden in the surrounding mountains and forests. Our Day over Riva route is your chance to discover everything that escapes the eye of a common tourist driving a car or taking a bus. This 90 km Vespa scooter ride will enable you to see and learn all these secrets, explore the places never featuring in guide books, and taste the stuff you will never find in a regular store.

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You will:

  • Visit an ancient village, home to a commune of painters, sculptors, and artists

  • See the unique turquoise waters of Lake Tenno, which never look the same twice

  • Tour a small cheese maker’s farm to sample various kinds of local cheeses and make a selfie with cute little calves

  • Descend into a special gorge not accessible by car

  • Visit a village of small family wineries to discover how a plethora of grappa varieties are distilled in old alembics, as well as taste some terrific liqueurs and bitters made with mountain herbs

  • Take a taste of the northernmost among Italian olive oils and discover that vinegar from Trentino can rival its more famous Modena counterpart

  • Have a bite in an old tavern inside a cave where simple food and house wine are served

  • Visit an eerie art gallery deep inside the forest

  • Enjoy a cup of coffee with home-made cake on the terrace of a small agriturismo lost in the mountains

  • Relax in the shade of an ancient chestnut grove

    And, of course enjoy immensely your ride on a stylish Vespa over the picturesque roads so far from the tourist routes.

What’s included:

Vespa scooter and additional equipment rent

Third party liability (TPL) insurance

Full tank and refuels as needed

Technical support/maintenance for your scooter or a replacement scooter, if required

iPhone with electronic guide and internet access

Garmin navigator


Lunch and Tastings


Our routes are designed for those who have a hands-on experience in riding a scooter or motorbike. We suggest that you practice a bit beforehand to freshen up your skills.

Our services are limited to customers who are 21 years of age or more.

To rent a Vespa GTS 300 Super, you’ll need a category A driving license.
To rent a Vespa Primavera 125, you’ll need a category A1 or B driving license and a minimum of 2 years car or scooter driving experience.

Main details:

  • 90 km
  • 6-8 hours
Start point:
Peschiera del Garda
Start point:
Riva del Garda


  • Tour price
    From €120.00
  • Passenger

Start place & time:

Start from our base camp:
  • Viale Rovereto, 3/C, Riva del Garda (TN)

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Peschiera del Garda:
Lungolago Garibaldi, 3. Hotel «Acquadolce»

Sales office and meeting point for transfer to base camp in Sona (10 min.) for «Taste of Valpolicella» and «Day over Garda» tours.

Base camp «South».
Via Caliari 8, Sona (VR)

Start point for «Taste of Valpolicella» and «Day over Garda» tours. Free secure parking for your car.

Base camp «North».
Viale Rovereto, 3/c, Riva del Garda (TN)

Sales point and start point for «Day over Riva» and «Four lakes» tours.

Via Bottura 8, Malcesine (VR)

Sales point in Malcesine